…a little bit about us

We are a team of professional TV cameramen and editors who currently work on a wide range of broadcast TV and film on location throughout the UK. Working freelance means we're also lucky enough to be able to apply these skills to something very special on a more personal level.

We offer a successful mix of old with new combining old-fashioned broadcast skills in terms of the way we approach our filming, with a passionate interest in the latest technology helping us create exciting new ways of producing your video.

This doesn't mean flashy special effects though (unless you want them) as we prefer to create something that will stand the test of time and look as fresh in years to come as it did the day it was filmed.

…what we do

Anyone can buy a camera from a shop and record pictures and sound. A relative or friend could film your wedding for you, but the results would look clumsy and amateurish.

Digiwall Weddings will record your wedding film using specialist Sony HD cameras operated by qualified TV camera men and edited by award-winning TV editors. To put it another way, you will be hiring a professional broadcast TV production company - without the award-winning price tag.

We think that being asked to film your wedding is more of an invitation to share and capture your special day, rather than just another job. And we're happy for you to get involved if you want, keeping you updated with progress on a regular basis

…how we do it

Once we have finished filming your wedding, the recorded pictures are taken back to our post-production HD edit suites (the same edit suites used to edit Hollyoaks and A Touch Of Frost) where an editor with many years broadcast experience, will edit your film. His job is to expertly review all the footage and select the best parts of the film, enabling him to visually tell the story of your special day.

It's in these final stages of post-production that your film comes alive! What you will eventually see on your TV, is a direct result of the decisions made in the edit suite. The order in which the shots appear, the graphics, choice of music, colour grading are just some of the decisions that make this one of the most important stages in the film-making process.

...and how good we are at doing it!

Of course you don't have to take our word for it – the feedback below is from happy couples who chose Digiwall Weddings to film their big day – one of the most important decisions they made!

'Thanks to everyone at Digiwall Weddings. I will certainly never forget you and will certainly recommend you whenever I, or someone else needs this kind of attention to detail and care. Thanks so very much'. Heather

'Initially we were unsure if we wanted a DVD of the wedding but I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions we made in the planning of the wedding. Digiwall Weddings blended with the guests and worked so hard throughout the day to create an amazing memento of our wedding. Every time I watch the DVD and look at the photos, it brings a tear to my eye and I'm continually impressed with the quality of the products'. Rochelle

'Thank you so much for creating such a professional and personal memento of our special day – it is something we will treasure for years to come'. Richard

'We were recommended two wedding video companies and we're so glad we picked Digiwall Weddings. The guys were creative, professional and friendly - in fact some of our relatives thought they were guests! Their professional experience was obvious in the quality of filming and the DVD and we have to admit that knowing it was done by same people who edited Hollyoaks was a big show-off factor! Cheers guys'. Debbie

'I would wholeheartedly recommend Digiwall Weddings for your wedding DVD – they offer a professional and personal service to capture one of the most important and memorable days of your life. It's great to have a memento of the day – to fill all the gaps and remember how amazing it was. Our DVD really captures the essence of the day and brings back amazing memories of a day we will treasure forever – and it's something to show our children in the future!'. Jane

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